VIZIO 36 in. 5.1-SmartCast Sound Bar System : User Guide (2024)

VIZIO 36 in. 5.1-SmartCast Sound Bar System : User Guide (2024)


How do I control my Vizio soundbar with my TV? ›

HDMI CEC Control

Once the Soundbar is connected to your TV through the ARC port, you may need to adjust your TV's CEC setting to control the external speaker. Some newer models may auto-detect that HDMI-ARC is connected, and automatically begin to control the Soundbar.

Can I control my Vizio Soundbar with my phone? ›

It's a remote control that fits right in your pocket! Follow these easy steps to get started: First things first, download the VIZIO Mobile™ app. It's compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Does Vizio have an app for soundbars? ›

To take advantage of our user-friendly VIZIO Mobile Application, simply download it from the Android or iOS store.

How do I get my Vizio Soundbar input to auto detect? ›

Press and hold the INPUT button on the remote control for 3 seconds to enable the auto input detect function. Press and hold the button on the remote. The Sound Bar will be discoverable for 15 minutes. You can now search for the Sound Bar (VIZIO SB3831) using your Bluetooth Device.

How to pair vizio 5.1 soundbar to TV? ›

Connect one end of an HDMI cable to the HDMI OUT (ARC) port on your sound bar. This will allow you to set up your sound connection via HDMI. Connect the other end of the cable to the HDMI 1 (ARC) port on the back of your TV. This will allow your TV to send audio signals to the sound bar via the HDMI cable.

How do I connect my 5.1 soundbar to my TV? ›

Method 1. Connect with an HDMI cable
  1. Prepare an HDMI cable.
  2. Connect the cable to the TV's HDMI IN (ARC).
  3. Connect to the HDMI OUT (TV-ARC) port of the soundbar.
  4. Turn on the soundbar and set the Source to D.IN.
  5. The TV sound will be played through your soundbar.
Feb 2, 2024

What is 5.1 surround sound channel configuration? ›

Conventional Surround Sound: 5.1 and 7.1

For this type of surround, the movie or show is mixed into six or eight channels: left, right, center, surround-left, surround-right, and subwoofer for 5.1 audio, and left, right, center, side-left, side-right, rear-left, rear-right, and subwoofer for 7.1 audio.

How do I get sound back on my Vizio sound bar? ›

Whether you suddenly can't hear sound or you're just rearranging your TV and speaker setup, resetting your sound bar is an important troubleshooting step. To soft reset your Vizio sound bar, just unplug it from the wall, hold the Power button for 30 seconds, and plug it back in.


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