Wayne Newton extends Las Vegas residency at the Flamingo: Here are the new dates (2024)

Wayne Newton has extended his residency at the Flamingo Las Vegas by 62 dates.

His “Wayne: Up Close and Personal” show in the Wayne Newton Theater will now run through June 12, 2024, taking Mr. Las Vegas past the 65th anniversary of his first appearance on a Vegas stage.

Newton first played the Carnival Room at the Fremont Hotel with his brother Jerry as the Newton Brothers on May 19, 1959, after a booking agent driving through the Valley caught their TV showin Phoenix.

Newton shared his memories of that first performance in an extensive interview with The Arizona Republic.

"I went to Vegas two weeks before my junior year was finished in Phoenix," Newton said. "And I thought the Flamingo, for example, would just be, like, a big flamingo standing there and the elevators are going up the legs. I had no touch of reality of what Las Vegas was about."

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He was 15 at the time, and went on to perform more 50,000 shows for more than 40 million people in Las Vegas.

The singer doesn’t have a show on his actual anniversary, but he will be performing on May 18 and 20.

Mr. Las Vegas:Before he was Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton was a teen star at North Phoenix High School

Newtown shared his favorite Vegas memory on NBC's 'Today' show

Newton announced his Las Vegas residency extension on NBC’s “Today” show on Aug. 29, where he shared his favorite Vegas memory, which happened at the grand opening of T-Mobile Arena in 2016.

“I decided to do a tribute to all those people who made Las Vegas what it is, in terms of performers – Frank and Dean and Sam and Bobby Darin and on and on,” he said.

“When I got to the last song, I closed it with ‘My Way.’ And while I was singing, everybody in that audience turned on their light on their phone and the lighting guy turned out the lights in the room. And I realized I was crying when it was over.”

How to get Wayne Newton tickets at Flamingo

Tickets, starting at $82 plus fees, are on sale now at caesars.com/shows.

Behind the faded jester sign:This is what made Mr. Lucky's an iconic Phoenix venue

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Wayne Newton extends Las Vegas residency at the Flamingo: Here are the new dates (2024)


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