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Empire at War Expanded: Thrawn's Revenge is a large-scale overhaul of Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. The mod is produced by Corey Loses and the Empire at War Expanded team, and a part of the EawX series of mods. The current version is 3.4, released on April 2nd, 2024.

It focuses on the events of the Galactic Civil War between the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor and the signing of the Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty in 19 ABY. Future plans include the Yuuzhan Vong War and the Second Galactic Civil War.


  • 1 Factions
    • 1.1 Major Playable Factions (Available in Most Conquests):
    • 1.2 Non-Playable Factions:
  • 2 Gameplay Changes
    • 2.1 Era System
    • 2.2 Government Mechanics
    • 2.3 Imperial Legitimacy
    • 2.4 Influence System
  • 3 Next Version: 3.5
    • 3.1 New Units (Outdated)
    • 3.2 New Heroes


Major Playable Factions (Available in Most Conquests):[]

  • The Imperial Remnant, the legitimate Imperial power in the years after the Battle of Endor. The Remnant benefits from a balanced Imperial unit roster with no particular strengths or weaknesses. Features successive leaders ranging from Grand Admiral Thrawn to a reborn Emperor Palpatine.
  • The Hutt Cartels, an amalgamation of the numerous Hutt Crime families across the Galaxy. A fairly new addition to the faction roster.
  • The New Republic, a new government which rose out of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, also known as the Rebel Alliance, and soon became the major galactic power. They have balanced warships with an emphasis on shielding, and the most powerful starfighters amongst all factions. As the eras progress, the New Republic can research new and advanced ships to create a professional military.
  • The Empire of the Hand, a secret powerbase created by the Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn with Imperial support to bring order to the lawless fringes of known space. The Hand utilizes unique Imperial-Chiss hybrid technology in both space and on the ground.
  • The Pentastar Alignment of Powers, a reclusive Imperial splinter faction led by former Grand Moff Ardus Kaine, forming a conglomeration of powerful military and corporate elements. The Pentastar Patrol makes extensive use of carriers of all sizes.
  • The Eriadu Authority, led by "Superior General" Sander Delvardus. They have a strong focus on capital ship warfare and emphasize direct ship to ship engagements.
  • The Greater Maldrood, led by the brothers Kosh and Treuten Teradoc. They focus on a large roster of fast & powerful frigate-sized ships supported by impressive fleet tenders.
  • Zsinj's Empire, led by Warlord Zsinj, who conquered a considerable amount of territory before he was finally defeated by a joint Imperial-New Republic taskforce. Zsinj relies on an unorthodox combination of powerful corvettes, shady Pirate connections and stolen advanced Imperial weapon projects.
  • The Corporate Sector Authority, an independent corporatocracy in the galaxy's northeastern sector. While small, the CSA hosts rich worlds and is friendly to numerous companies. Their navy consists largely of outdated but versatile warships, with a unique ship market mechanic to purchase recently discarded ships from other factions.
  • The Hapes Consortium, an isolationist matriarchal society of near-Humans that entered galactic affairs after Endor. The Hapans assisted the New Republic in their wars against Zsinj and later the Yuuzhan Vong. They have many original, fan designed units that benefit from fleet tenders and useful in hit and run attacks.

Non-Playable Factions:[]

  • The Duskhan League, a hostile and xenophobic race from the Deep Core led by Viceroy Nil Spaar, who attempted to strike at the heart of the New Republic.
  • The Independent Forces, a conglomerate faction representing the numerous smaller Imperial warlords and independent planetary forces separate from other major factions.
  • The Ssi-ruuvi Imperium
  • The Corellians
  • The Killik Hives
  • The Minor Imperial Warlords
  • The Mandalorian Clans
  • The Chiss Ascendency

Gameplay Changes[]

Era System[]

The vanilla tech system has been completely replaced the with Era system. Rather than clicking a button and waiting for bigger and better units to appear, the Era system effectively represents both the passage of time and evolution of technology. The biggest improvement with the Era system is that it impacts different story events, unit rosters and heroes. Eras can best be described as a time period, with certain benefits and restrictions for playing in each era. Each era is immediately identified by the current leader of the Empire. In the current version of the mod, there are 7 eras:

  1. Imperial Fracturing - Sate Pestage
  2. The Bacta War - Ysanne Isard or Central Commitee
  3. The Thrawn Campaign - Grand Admiral Thrawn
  4. The Dark Empire (Operation Shadow Hand) - Reborn Emperor Palpatine
  5. The Crimson Empire - Carnox Jax
  6. Imperial Reunification - Admiral Natasi Daala
  7. Final Imperial Push (Orinda Campaign) - Grand Admiral Pellaeon

Era progression occurs for the Empire or Zjinj, Pentastar, Eriadu or the greater Maldrood when the leader of the empire dies or the empire chooses to progress. The Empire or Zjinj, Pentastar, Eriadu or the greater Maldrood have to form the dark empire in order to get to era 4 and unlock the other eras. The dark empire can be formed after the Empire, Zjinj, Pentastar, Eriadu or th greater Maldrood reach 60% legitimacy and have integrated two of the other factions.

Era progression occurs for the New Republic after a certain ammount of weeks. For each era the New Republic will be able to research new units, some depending on the current leader of the New Republic.

Different eras have different benefits for certain factions, primarily the New Republic and the Empire. Certain heroes are available exclusive to certain eras, such as Emperor Palpatine and the Eclipse Super Star Destroyer. The New Republic starting at Era 4 can begin researching the New Class Program, which will allow the construction of new advanced ship types but lock older, Rebel-era units.

Government Mechanics[]

Thrawn's Revenge is currently experimenting with new mechanics for faction government interactions. The only government mechanic introduced so far is the Chief of State elections for the New Republic. In a separate "unit" tab, the player can choose from a selection of individuals from Mon Mothma to Borsk Fey'lya. Each individual "costs" 1 credit, and selecting that acts as increasing support for that candidate over whichever planet the player has selected. Each candidate has certain advantages to being elected, from unique units, planet influence max, and reduced unit build times.

Imperial Legitimacy[]

This is a very interesting mechanic that is available to all Imperial factions. The Empire, Eriadu Authority, Pentastar Alignment, Warlord Zsinj and the Greater Maldrood claim to be the legitimate successor to Emperor Palpatine. They all seek to reunite the Empire under their leadership. Thrawns Revenge develops this into a unique mechanic called Legitimacy.

Viewable in a separate ledger tab, each Imperial faction has a set legitimacy value. This number is impacted by various factors:

  • Whether or not the faction leader is alive
  • If a key Imperial world such as Coruscant or Kuat is controlled by the faction
  • How many planets the faction controls

The Imperial faction with the highest legitimacy is considered the "real" Empire whereas the others are nothing more than claimants. The true advantages of legitimacy however are how you deal with enemy factions. The weakest Imperial warlord can eventually be absorbed by you peacefully if the conditions are met. If an enemy Imperial faction's leader has been killed, is reduced to a certain number of planets (typically 3, depending on GC), and has no more Super Star Destroyers, then the most legitimate Imperial faction takes complete control of the weakest factions remaining planets and their units. The player can use this method to obtain units that are unavailable to their faction.

Influence System[]

Next Version: 3.5[]

New Units (Outdated)[]

  • Imperial Remnant: Allegiance-class Battlecruiser
  • New Republic: Dauntless-class Heavy Cruiser, MC80 Home One type Star Cruiser, Empress-class Space Station, Republic-class Star Destroyer, T-65 X-wing Starfighter (Ground)
  • Empire of the Hand: Furion-class Assault Bomber, Nssis-class Clawcraft, Krsiss-class Interceptor, Syca Bomber, Scarsiss-class Clawcraft, Syndic-class Destroyer, Phalanx-class Heavy Destroyer, Springhawk, Ascendancy-class Star Destroyer, Chaf-class Destroyer, Decimator-class Cruiser, Massias-class Interdictor Cruiser, Vigilance-class Gunship, Asdroni-class Corvette, Kariek Cruiser, Au'riette-class Carrier, Warlord-class Gunboat, Nuruodo-class Broadside Frigate, Visvia-class Defense Platform, Brask Defense Station, Phalanx Trooper, Gilzean RGT, Megamaser Tank, AirStraeker, Rocket Scout, Phalanx Commando, Rapid Fire Tank, Flame Tank, Mortar TAT, Kirov.
  • Pentastar Alignment: Gladiator-class Star Destroyer, Secutor-class Star Destroyer, Bellator-class Star Dreadnaught.
  • Zsinj's Empire: Allegiance-class Battlecruiser, Invincible-class Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser, Neutron Star-class Bulk Cruiser, Providence-class Carrier/Destroyer, Gladiator-class Heavy Cruiser, IRD Starfighter, Warpod Pinnace, All Terrain Tactical Enforcer, 1-H Repulsortank, Ultra-Light Assault Vehicle, Nightsister, Jump Trooper, Droideka.
  • Greater Maldrood: Bellator-class Star Dreadnaught, Allegiance-class Battlecruiser, Sorannan-class Star Destroyer, Secutor-class Star Destroyer, Providence-class Carrier/Destroyer, Procursator-class Star Destroyer, Neutron Star-class Bulk Cruiser, Arquitens-class Light Cruiser, Interceptor IV-class Frigate, Crusader-class Corvette, Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 Starfighter, T-16 Skyhopper, Jump Trooper, Army Trooper.
  • Eriadu Authhority: Torpedo Sphere, Imperial II-class Frigate, Gladiator-class Star Destroyer, Bayonet-class Light Cruiser, Vigil-class Corvette, Ultra-Light Assault Vehicle, Imperial Escort Fighter.

New Heroes[]

  • Imperial Remnant: TBA
  • New Republic: Admiral Firmus Nantz
  • Empire of the Hand: TBA
  • Pentastar Alignment: Sariss
  • Zsinj's Empire: Tetran Cowell, Terrinald Screed
  • Greater Maldrood: Kosh Teradoc, Leonia Tavira, Admiral Larm, Moff Getelles
  • Eriadu Authority: TBA
Empire at War Expanded: Thrawn's Revenge (2024)


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