Computer Science Minor Ucla (2024)

1. Minors - UCLA Undergraduate Admission

  • Data Science Engineering Minor · Information and Media Literacy · Creative Writing

  • UCLA has over 90 minors to choose from. View a list of all the minors and the schools they fall within.

2. Undergraduate Minors | UCLA Registrar's Office

  • Undergraduate Minors ; Computational and Systems Biology, C&S BIO, Systems Biology ; Computer Science, COM SCI, Bioinformatics ; Computer Science/Electrical and ...

3. Minors - Computational and Systems Biology - UCLA

  • CaSB offers three minor programs in Mathematical Biology, Structural Biology, and Systems Biology. Admission.

  • CaSB offers three minor programs in Mathematical Biology, Structural Biology, and Systems Biology.

4. Data Science Engineering Minor - UCLA General Catalog

5. UCLA engineering launches new data science engineering minor open to ...

  • 4 okt 2022 · Students focusing on computer science and electrical and computer engineering are also choosing to pursue the minor to supplement their studies.

  • The UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science has introduced a data science engineering minor intended for students of all disciplines. The pathway includes two lower-division courses, three required upper-division courses and eight additional units from an assorted list of computer science, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering and statistics electives.

6. Data Science Engineering Minor | OASA - UCLA

  • Minimum Eligibility Data Science is open to any undergraduate major at UCLA. · CS 32 (offered Winter & Spring, check Summer) · Math 33A (offered every quarter).

  • If you took LS 30A/B, you do not need to go back and enroll in Math 31A, 31B, 32A to meet requisites for your required math course.  You can just take MATH 32T or C&S BIO M32 to bridge from the LS 30 series to the Math 30 series.  This will leave you well prepared for Math 33 and Math 170E or C&EE 110 as a probability elective.

7. Austin Pink: UCLA needs more STEM-related minors to prepare ...

  • 9 jul 2017 · A computer science minor would provide non-computer science students an opportunity to take programming classes in a structured environment and ...

  • Last month, as UCLA graduates bid their farewells, the administration was already looking ahead, making frantic preparations for the incoming class of more than 6,000 freshmen.

8. Departments, Programs, and Freestanding Minors

  • Over 140 departments, interdepartmental programs, and freestanding minors highlight the expansive, multidisciplinary UCLA academic experience.

  • For official major and minor program requirements and courses, see Curricula and Courses in the UCLA General Catalog.

9. Degree Programs, Majors and Minors - Academics - UCLA

  • Accounting Minor · Undergraduate Minor in... · UCLA Mathematics · ABET

  • The education you choose should expand your horizons and prepare you for your future career. Find your place at UCLA. Learn about the academic possibilities!

10. New Minors, including Data Science Engineering & Social Data Science

  • 22 apr 2022 · Here's a link to minors at UCLA including ... Data Science Engineering has two prereqs, Math 33A and Computer Science ... For the Social Data ...

  • Here’s a link to minors at UCLA including the new minors oddly denoted by “new” in black beside their listing. The two in the heading caught my eye. Data Science Engineering has two prereqs, Math 33A and Computer Science 32, but to get to Math 33A, one would have needed to have taken the four calculus courses before it (or get AP credit AB or BC with fives), and to get to CS 32, one would have needed to have taken CS 31. Click on its link in the link listed above to get the full schedule of wha...

11. Change of Major/Minor Into or Within Engineering - OASA - UCLA

  • Additional requirements for requests to CS, CSE, CE. Applicants to the Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Computer Science & Engineering majors must ...

  • Once you meet the minimum eligibility requirements detailed below, please submit an application by 5pm on the following dates:

Computer Science Minor Ucla (2024)


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