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As the most student-centric university in the world, WGU goes beyond convention to identify, develop, and implement programs, systems, and technologies that pave the path to opportunity for all.

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A Message From Our President

At WGU, we believe in the power of human potential. We believe in the inherent worth and ability of every individual—and we know that, given the opportunity, every person has something big to contribute. But too often, for too many, the gap between talent and access to opportunity is wide. WGU exists to bridge that gap. Higher education is the surest pathway to a better life for individuals and their families. Access to high-quality education is key to helping people make the most of their potential and thrive. It is this conviction that drives what we do at WGU. It’s why we commit to being the world’s most student-centric university—and why we aren’t afraid to go beyond convention to make the promise of higher education deliver for everyone. It's why we're called the University of You—because we know that your success is what really matters.

The Story of WGU

Our History

Who we are as a university today is directly influenced by where we have come from. Our drive has always been to help more students get the access to education that they deserve. From our past to our present and to our future, enhancing education for all has been, and will continue to be, our purpose.

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Our Mission

Our mission and focus all come back to expanding access to education. It's the driving force behind why we do everything the way we do here at WGU. Understanding our mission helps make clear why we have certain initiatives, programs, and partnerships in place. All of it is geared toward expanding our mission of higher education for all.

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Our Process

Our unique approach to learning is called competency-based education, and it's proven to help students accelerate their degrees and get into the workforce. We measure impact in individuals, and competency-based education allows us to do that. We're working to expand competency-based education practices so even more students can benefit.

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“WGU is about fundamental change in the way higher education is delivered. It's right, it's real, and it's efficient. It's what higher education will require to succeed in the future.”

—Michael O. Leavitt,
Former U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services
Former Governor of Utah

What We Believe

We believe in human potential.

We believe in the inherent worth and ability of every individual. Talent is equally distributed; opportunity is not. We were founded to fix that.

We believe in the promise of education.

We believe education is the surest path to opportunity. We want to reinvent education so that every learner can have success.

We believe in our students.

If we provide them a student-centered, radically affordable, high-quality, workforce-relevant education, they will succeed.

We believe that outcomes matter.

Enrollment isn’t enough. We want to drive value for students: in their career progression, engagement, and life satisfaction.

We believe that learners are workers.

Our students don’t just want a diploma—they want a pathway to opportunity. We design our programs to maximize student success in the workplace.

We believe we can’t get there without innovation.

Sustained success depends upon doing things differently, not just better. We are compelled to innovate and change the way people engage with learning and access opportunity.

We believe that big problems demand big solutions.

The number of learners who are being left behind is massive. The only way to solve the problem is to solve it at scale.

Meet Our Leaders

We wouldn't be WGU without the hundreds of people who are working behind the scenes to make our programs, policies, and initiatives a success. WGU leaders are engaged in making a difference for individual students, organizations, and entire communities with the way they approach higher education. Commitment to change is what sets WGU leaders apart. Learn about the individuals who are making WGU successful, how they do it, and why it matters.

University Governance

2023 Annual Report

See what kind of marks we received, how we compare, and how we are working to help bridge the gap between talent and access to opportunity.

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About Western Governors University | Online Degree Programs | WGU (2024)


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